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Hands-On with Evolve

New game by developer Turtle Rock Studios
New game by developer Turtle Rock Studios
Photo courtesy of 2k, used with permission

Evolve is a new concept for co-op gaming that is coming soon for next-gen systems along with PC. It is being developed by Turtle Rock Studios. This author was able to go hands-on with the Xbox One version of the game. If you are unfamiliar with the premise, a group of four hunters must hunt down and kill a large monster. Each hunter is a different class, and the experience this author had was with the Support class. While there will be other characters to unlock eventually, the original was a robot. The Hunters drop into the area from a ship. The playable area was dark, dreary, and had caves, rivers, and part of a factory-type facility. The scale of the map is quite large as you will spend most of your time hunting and identifying the monster with your teammates.

As for the monster known as Kraken, he is a Cthulhu-based character that can also fly. Kraken can achieve three levels, as the player must hunt and kill monsters and flora in the area. For the Hunters, there are other monsters and obstacles on the map that must be avoided. However, where the smaller monsters are is a good start to locate Kraken. Once he hits level three, it becomes super difficult to defeat, and the Hunters can be eaten.

With the Support Hunter, he has a few weapons at his arsenal as do the rest. Initially, you will choose a perk, rather it be 15% increase in damage or something of the sort. The weapon abilities involve launching a UAV, throwing turrets, and a laser guided rocket launcher. He is also able to cloak and leave the area if things get tough. The UAV allows you to survey the area and hone in on Kraken once found. This UAV is battery powered so it will not last for a long time. You can guide the rockets with the right stick when launched. This is quite a bit of depth for one character, and the others have just as much.

Teamwork is the most important aspect of Evolve. If you break off and get swallowed by an animal, the only one that can bail you out is the medic. If you die, you will not respawn for two minutes, but you will drop in to where your team is at. This really helps as it eliminates having to cross the map and find them. Each hunter is also equipped with a rocket pack to help make the long jumps. While this is helpful, gas will run out and you will have to wait to regenerate.

This author’s early impressions for Evolve are a fun and addicting experience (and this was only using one class). The game looks and runs well on the Xbox One at this point. It is not like you will just run up on the monster, thus the protagonists are called Hunters. This does make the matches time consuming, and it is only half the battle. Stay tuned for more information on Evolve.