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Hands On STM Pocket Sleeve for Surface Pro and Widescreen Tablets

Cases are a big deal. They not only protect our gadgets, but they often make a statement about our own personal style.

STM's Pocket Sleeve is a perfect fit for widescreen tablets.
Juan Carlos Bagnell

STM manufactures bags, pouches, and sleeves for our favorite glowing rectangles. For their next sleeve they're turning their sights on widescreen form factors. All too often, when a case is "designed for a ten inch tablet", the manufacturer often means a ten inch iPad. The iPad of course maintaining a very squarish 4:3 aspect ratio.

For Android and Windows tablet owners, that can sometimes mean a case or sleeve is a bit too snug for widescreen tablets, most of that gear utilizing a more HDTV 16:9 aspect ratio. Surface owners can have it especially rough as Microsoft opted for a slightly larger 10.6" screen. It's that last segment that STM has designed for with their new Pocket sleeve.

The Pocket is designed to hold up to a Surface Pro comfortably. The outer shell is made out of a recycled plastic and is a fairly water resistant material. Zippers are reinforced and partially covered, and the shell is lightly padded to minimize any damage from minor bumps and short drops. The inner lining is made out of a fleece-like material, providing a nice soft touch to pamper your slate. There's also a pretty generous side pocket for accessories, just spacious enough to include the Surface's charge if you don't mind a little bulge.

STM's bags have a simple modern design, with subtle stylish touches like the interior lining popping a pleasant blue color. It's a durable case for our gadgets, but it thankfully doesn't broadcast "geek" while out and about.

The Pocket available in a light sky blue, mustard-y orange, and the Graphite gray pictured above, and you can find them for a street price around $30. Hit the related video to see the STM pocket in action, including our water test!

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