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Hands on IN1 Multi-Tool Smartphone Case for the Samsung Galaxy S5

A little splash of novelty can be both fun and practical. IN1 is banking on that with their Multi-Tool smartphone case for the iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5, the latter of which we're reviewing today.

The case features a segmented backplate where a number of lifestyle tools are stored. You'll find tweezers, scissors, blue and red pens, a file, precision flat and phillips screwdrivers, and a toothpick.The general idea being you'll have your phone with you in more places than you might carry a small pocket knife or multi-tool. For travelers, the case is also TSA compliant.

The sides of the case are slightly raised, giving you a little clearance if your phone lands face down, and the GS5 clips in at the edges so nothing will block the home button fingerprint scanner. The case almost doubles the girth of the Galaxy, but that comes with the benefit of providing additional clearance to protect the camera, and it allows IN1 to also build in a handy little kickstand.

The look of the case is clean and modern. IN1 sells clear and black versions, and the tools come in Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, and Pink. The Multi-Tool case sells for $45, and it might be the perfect novelty accessory for the handy man or Boy Scout in your life. Hit the related Video to see the IN1 case in action.

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