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Hands off Gwadar Port, DC-based Baloch group tells Chinese ambassador to USA

Zhang Yesui, Chinese Ambassador to the United States.
Zhang Yesui, Chinese Ambassador to the United States.
The Guardian

The Washington DC-based American Friends of Balochistan has asked the People's Republic of China to cancel its agreement with the government of Pakistan on the Gwadar Port as it violates the sovereign will of the Baloch people of Balochistan.

In a letter to China's ambassador to the U.S. Ambassador Zhang Yesui and Deputy Chief of Mission Xie Feng Wednesday, the A.F.B. also accused China of being a party to Pakistan's war crimes and crimesagainst humanity in Balochistan.

Following is the A.F.B. letter to the government of Chinese ambassador.

"As Balochs and Americans we are extremely concerned that China has entered into an agreement

with the government of Pakistan over taking control of Gwadar Port in Balochistan.

"We respectfully ask the Chinese government to stay off of Gwadar Port until such time the

genuine representatives of the Baloch people decide the future of Balochistan’s sea ports. These

representatives include the popular resistance groups and exiled Baloch leaders in London,

Geneva, Brussels, Oslo and Moscow.

"More than 25 million Baloch people are resolved that they will never allow Pakistan to take over

Gwadar Port, the Jewel of Asia, from them.

"We are also extremely concerned over Pakistan’s crime against humanity and war crimes in

Balochistan, including killing minor children, carrying out mass executions of Baloch freedom

activists and presence of mass grave, enforced disappearances of thousands of Baloch activists,

their brutal and inhuman torture and the kill and dump policy in Balochistan.

"We have also received reports that Chinese intelligence officials were present alongside

Pakistan’s Military Intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence during the torture and execution

of Baloch freedom activists.

"We call upon the People’s Republic of China to annul all agreements with Pakistan regarding the

Port of Gwadar as they violate the national and sovereign rights of the Baloch people."

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