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Hands and feet for your prayers

More often than not when you pray you are asking a God who is outside of you to give you or someone else something that is also an outside of you. Seeing everything desired as separate from you keeps you constantly seeking outside yourself for answers. It is only as you come to the realization that the energy of all possibilities resides internally within you that your prayers have much power. Most people wrongly interpret prayer as the means of asking God for something desired or needed. In actuality prayer is statement of fact .

Each time you say I am, you are declaring or praying a state of being into form. There is a large difference between asking for something and declaring that it already is yours. Most people's time and energy is spent declaring things into being that are not really wanted. The rest of their time is spent asking for something as though it were located somewhere far away at the other end of the universe. Both of these exercises bring about results , but not the results wanted.

Saying repeatedly I am tired, I am broke, I am sick continues the cycles of these very things. To ask repeatedly for some state or something as though it is outside of you and you must bring it into your experience is a equally ineffective. The reason for this is quite simple. The very energy, creative force, that brings everything into a form flows continuously through you. In spiritual terms there's nothing outside of you, as all energy flows continuously in and through you.

During meditation see yourself interacting with the very state of being that you are desiring. Be there in your imagination, experience the situation in your emotions. Now simply give thanks that it is done. Once you have experienced something in your imagination you have agreed with Source Energy that it is in existence. You have only to continue giving thanks for it and making your I Am statements in regards to it. If it is something that is unwanted, fear or concern, it is easy to call a do over by going back into your imagination and creating what is wanted again

Now that you've called something into form you must put hands and feet to your prayers. Following your inspiration take steps that direct you towards those experiences. Keeping in mind that your I am statements are your declarations of accepting things as physical form, keep your thoughts and emotions lined up with what you desire to interact with. It is a quite simple process whereby seeing yourself already in possession of what you desire you follow through with gratitude and statements of declaration. Line up your emotions and thoughts with this vibration. The hands and feet of your prayers are the subsequent actions and thoughts in regard to what you desire. Don't go back to asking, there is no need. As Joseph Campbell states, “Follow your bliss”.

In the very moment that you have imagined your desires and have interacted with them, molecules began coming together bringing that very thing into physical form . There is no reason to go back to the beginning of the creation process. You have only to follow the process forward letting your hands and feet direct you to the work that is interactive with the completed physical form.

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