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Handling the goods OK at Recreations Outlet in Powell

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Normally if I see a for-sale item in a store with a hefty price tag attached to it, I steer my oftentimes destructive children away from it. The mantra "You break it, you buy it" echoes in my mind.

But at Recreations Outlet in Powell children are encouraged to touch the merchandise. The supplier of outdoor play sets allows children to gleefully bounce, swing, slide and climb on everything in its showroom as adults watch from the sidelines, some alluringly moved to purchase what they see their children enjoying.

Founded in 1990, Recreations Outlet has three locations in Ohio. Two of them offer indoor play areas for children ages 10 and under to test the goods for $5 each for two hours.

The spacious playroom in Powell, located inside a red barn at 484 W. Olentangy St., includes trampolines, basketball hoops, soccer nets and wooden play sets with slides, swings, climbable ropes and scalable sides. There's also lots of room to run on the cushioned floor.

It's a great place for kids to play indoors when the weather's not so great outdoors.

Cost is $5 per child to play for two hours Monday-Friday during regular business hours. Or families can pay just $1 for two hours of play during "Charitable Play," 9-11 a.m., Tuesday-Thursday. Each month proceeds are donated to a designated charity.

Weekends are reserved for birthday parties and for those who purchase play passes and punch cards.

Adults are requested to sign a waiver that says Recreations Outlet isn't responsible for injuries.

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