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Handling rejection



  • Brooke Monfort 6 years ago

    Good article. Another thing to keep in mind is that many publishers lean toward a certain style of writing or sensibility of theme within their publication. I've gotten "Good read, we enjoyed it but not right for us. Please keep submitting" on occasion. Usually because I didn't read enough of what they ARE publishing. Lesson learned: thorough research on the vehicle in question saves time and rejection. ;-)

  • Alley 6 years ago

    good article :) rejection is hard and sometimes reading a rejection letter is like reading a dead language or runes LOL

  • Nahteboy 6 years ago


    I agree that there are times I read a submission guideline and maybe a story or two from a publisher, but that was not enough to get a real feel for everything they look for when sending a story. I would also remind writers to read current material because a publication/publisher may have a different editor than the editor they had when you read their publication "enter amount of time here" ago.

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