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Handling poor performance is top concern of today's business leaders

Correcting employees is not easy for every leader.
Correcting employees is not easy for every leader.
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Business leaders working to maintain a contemporary workplace culture where employees are valued for individual as well as team contributions must be quick and firm and handling poor performance. Failure to properly address performance can quickly be cancerous to the entire team and even extend to other teams.

A survey released by Novations Group in Boston of more than 2,500 American and Canadian senior HR and training executives asked respondents to identify items from a list, selecting all items that applied. Here is what they identified as a way they handled poor performance on the job:

  • 71.9 percent: Coaching a performance problem
  • 69.1 percent: Communicating performance standards
  • 68.7 percent: Coaching a development opportunity
  • 66.8 percent: Conducting a performance appraisal
  • 65.9 percent: Handling conflict situations
  • 59.4 percent: Communicating vision and strategy
  • 58.1 percent: Selecting the right employee
  • 55.3 percent: Diversity & Inclusion
  • 49.3 percent: Gaining commitment to goals
  • 48.8 percent: Managing priorities
  • 45.2 percent: Change management
  • 44.7 percent: Acting on feedback

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