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Handler CBS rumors: Chelsea Handler is not replacing Craig Ferguson on CBS

Chelsea Handler on CBS will 'never' happen.
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Chelsea Handler reacted to CBS rumors that she'll replace Craig Ferguson on "The Late Late Show." Since David Letterman left the show, Ferguson has been filling in on the late-night comedy show. "Chelsea Lately" ends after this year and Ferguson's contract with "The Late Late Show" continues through June 2015. A perfect formula for speculations about what's next.

"I would never go to CBS. I'm not … my mouth … what would they do with me there?" Handler told Ellen DeGeneres. NY Daily News reports April 17 that the idea of Handler being on CBS is not realistic. It seemed like a plausible notion when the comedienne was photographed with and Instagram photo earlier this week holding a booklet with a CBS logo.

Handler captioned the photo that also showed her dog on her lap as "business meeting." She joked to Ellen that she thought that was a "bold move" of the dog, but public reactions had nothing to do with the dog on her lap!

In the interview, Chelsea said that she would "never be on a regular network. I would never do that to my fans or to myself or to the network." She has a point. Her topics and lines wouldn't exactly remain the same!

"Who wants to reel me in? I mean I wouldn't want to reel me in. That wouldn't be fun for anyone," the 39-year-old said. Another good point. She wouldn't exactly be suited for regular network television. Like she admitted, she enjoys being the "bad girl" and acting "bad."

In a related report published on the Huffington Post, a CBS rep made it clear that Chelsea Handler isn't replacing Craig Ferguson on "The Late Late Show." For now Handler just wants to relax and take a nice vacation.

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