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Handing out my Florida game balls

Kudos to a few of the players who steeped up on Saturday.

1. Brian Maddox.  Made the move from 'serviceable' to 'starter'.  Ran hard.  Displayed a nice little burst that I hadn't seen from him in...ever.  Kept his legs churning and came very close to breaking a few through the Florida secondary.  Great performance, averaging nearly 5 yards a carry.  Would love to see more of him in the future.

2. Clifton Geathers.  He played a heck of a game.  Showed great effort and desire- two things that people have criticized him for in the past.  Has definitely made people forget about Devin Taylor in the last few weeks.

3. Eric Norwood.  Basically an automatic in this category every week, 'Wood stuffed Tim Tebow on a 4th and short play.  That feat alone is worthy of a mention here. 

That's the short list.  I suppose it would be possible to come up with other guys, but the fact is that they lost the game.  There shouldn't be a plethora of awards given out, even if it was the supposed number one team in the nation.