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Handicapped Minorities Scholarships

Handicap & Bike Racing
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If you have a handicap and need special accommodation to attend college you can check out the list and see what is near you or what city and state that want to attend school. In most states and cities they have laws to accommodate handicap students or adults. Also the buses have special seating that is available. Most cities have put up parking sign just for people who have handicap. Sidewalks are also made available for wheelchairs to cross the street.

Check out the listing and see if the colleges are near you or where you want to go to school. Colleges and
Schools provide jobs for the educated, as well as manufacturing company. A college degree is required to perform the jobs at a lot of company. You have to have more than a High School beducation.

For The Handicapped:

  • Alexander Graham Bell Associate for the Deaf
  • 3417 Volta P)lace
  • Washington, DC 20007
  • This scholarship is for
    Engineering or
    Science and is $500

Chief, Special Services Branch - Division of Student Service

  • PO Box 23772
  • L'Enfant Plaza Station
  • Washington, DC 20026 - 3772

National Federation for the Blind

  • RFD #2 West
  • Willington, CT 06279
  • You will have to write a 250 statement on how the $1200 will help you.

National Federation for the Blind

  • 814 Fourth Avenue, Suite 200
  • Grinnell, IA
  • The scholarship is
  • 1,800 up to $4,000

Stanley E. Jackson Scholarship - Foundation for Exceptional Children

  • 1920 Association Drive
  • Reston, VA 22091
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