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Handguns and red light cameras; big government doesn't always get its way.

Kudos to Illinois State Senator Dan Duffy, R-26th, for sticking up for the little guy from being bullied.

And they're trying to take our guns?  What happened to the Bill of Rights?

Imagine that, a republican wants to help citizens keep more of their money from the government. 

Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, most people are happy about this proposed bill to ban those ridiculous red light cameras that catch motorists going through a red light. 

We are all for road safety and following the law, but the way the cameras have been utilized has not been to improve safety but to bring more revenues to local towns and cities.  Not to mention, more rear-end collisions. 

One of the most interesting examples about red light cameras only being used to make money is that cities that put up cameras made money for a while.  They touted how they were saving peoples lives all while making money to fight the big debts of said towns. 

When the camera locations became well known, and did encourage better driving practices, the revenues from the red light tickets went down.  In some towns, the revenues fell so badly that the cost of running the red light camera cost more than they were bringing in in fines.  When this happened, the cameras disappeared.  

I guess once they were done robbing you, safety wasn't much of a concern anymore.  

Keep in mind, more cameras in public means more government intrusion into your lives.  We are not all criminals and thus should not be watched by the eye in the sky all of the time.  

The Ban on Handguns.  Please reverse this Supreme Court.

For some reason, big city liberals hate the thought of citizens being able to protect themselves and their property.  For some reason, they think that the Constitution doesn't apply to "civilized", "enlightened" types that live in the city.

Of course, talk to an anti-gun rights nuts after they've been the victim of violent crime and they'll change their tune.  Or as elitists maybe they feel that the laws they impose on us don't apply to them and they carry one anyway. 

The police do a great job in protecting life and property, but they aren't superman.  When someone tries to rape a woman on a train, or breaks into your house, the police won't be there for minutes, if at all.  You should be able to protect yourself, as the Constitution says we can.  

Why do individuals like Mayor Daley love bans on handguns.  It's easy to be anti-guns when you have body guards protecting you and your property.  

Why do cities that ban handguns have higher crime rates than other cities and states that allow concealed carry?  Because criminals in other states have to worry about attacking the wrong person; an armed person.  

Our founding fathers wanted us to be able to protect ourselves from criminals and an intrusive government.  Every intrusive, radical government begins by banning weapons.  

By banning weapons, citizens become more dependent on big government and need them.  

Here's to hoping that the Supreme Court will tell the machine in Chicago that the Constitution does apply to you as well.  

State Choice in Matters

Lastly, in regards to the gun rights, it's interesting that the state is stating that they should be allowed to make that determination on their own.  

Why didn't they make that plea in regards to Abortion laws.  Why wasn't that left up to the states to deem legal or not?  Such hypocrisy.   


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