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Handcuffs and the Death of the Easter Bunny

The sun rose beautifully peaking through cool clouds and warming hearts and bodies alike. I sat in the kitchen drinking my coffee looking at this beautiful sunrise through the window. My only thought was Jesus rose. Jesus arose. Two words with lots of impact. Whether you're religious or not, Christian, or not, it doesn't matter. Just look at that beautiful sunrise and thank whatever it is you believe in that spring is here.
Sunday, Tyler will spring up like an overwound 'Jack n the Box' to see what the Easter bunny left him in his many Easter baskets that have been lovingly prepared by his parents, myself and my parents. The excitement that fulfills him spills over to the rest of us whom are blessed to get a glimpse in this special moment in time.
I remember the last Easter I believed in the Easter bunny, I was about 7 and the fight that broke out after I opened my Easter basket was one for the record books. I was always a strange child and collected strange things and enjoyed things that most children and adults thought peculiar. However, this Easter, I got something that was common for little boys throughout the time. A sheriff's outfit, with a cap gun a badge and handcuffs. Well, it was my God given right as the baby of the entire family on both sides and the favorite child to torment my older sister. I evoked that right as often as possible and still enjoy those times today. Well I put on my suit for church and lured my sister close to me where I handcuffed her hands behind her back. Well this wouldn't be a big deal if handcuffs were designed then like they are today where you can just push a button. My handcuffs were real steel and had to have a key. Well Easter grass is thick and I was a klutz. I had lost the key. So my sister is handcuffed with her hands behind her back and I'm laughing she's crying my Dad is cussing my Mom is yelling and we're all scrambling to find the key and get these handcuffs off of her.
During this brouhaha of sorts I hear the fateful words "I can't believe you bought him handcuffs that had to have a key." I stopped dead in my tracks as my Dad was cutting the handcuffs off my Sister. I said "but the Easter bunny brought it." And then they did it. My family killed the Easter bunny. With that step toward adulthood, I spent the day half sulking and half angered over this announcement. However, Easter baskets still continue to appear every Easter Sunday and I have never gotten another pair of handcuffs.
So just remember the moments that may seem horrible at the time or at least very dramatic, will be the ones you laugh about for the rest of your life. Every Easter as we sit down to dinner with all the family gathered in, it never fails that someone will bring up the story of the Easter that I put Jocelyn in handcuffs and lost the key. Or how Bob would show up when they were hiding the Easter eggs at church to make sure that his babies got their fair share. These little things that we forget as soon as they're over are the memories to embrace for a lifetime. Happy Easter and May God Bless You All.



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