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Handbag Heaven...Meet Aundrea Ali

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If you are looking for a unique handbag, shoulder bag, wallets, there is this amazing website. The brainchild of a very unique artist named Aundrea Ali. Her site is called Aundrea’s Art Zone and The Artist House she has a multitude of unique items for men and women. I had the pleasure of connecting with Aundrea and learning more about how she started her journey. Aundrea liked art but never considered a career in it until her mid 20’s. She’s a self taught abstract artist which is truly is amazing in this day and time. Her inspiration comes from the environment and her tools of choice are recyclables such as, cardboard, ink etc. She is also technology savvy with fashion accessory applications and laptop and digital tools as well. Her family started a home décor business it only lasted a few years. However Aundrea kept creating art, in the 90’s Aundrea started putting her work on display in coffee houses, art shows and other events. Then she moved to EBay and her Art business was born! She’s created two website to house her work Aundrea’s Art Zone (Started in 2012) (Showcases the Store Fronts as well as my Gallery.) The Gallery is still a work in progress. The Artist’s HouseCom@ CafePress (Started in 2011) & Aundrea: I love clothing, shoes, dresses, skirts, handbags all of it. My Mother made a lot of my clothes growing up and I loved her style. I dream of having my own handbag line someday eco friendly, created and designed by me. Handbags and Shoulder bags are my real passions in this store front. It is my goal to create unique patterns and designs on these bags that any woman would like to add to her wardrobe. Working with seasonal colors, abstract prints and patterns is how I create items for this store location. Winter, spring, summer, and fall handbag lines are the main focus here. You will find many items at this location: Accessories like, Compact Mirrors, matching Wallets, Jewelry, Yoga gear, and Workout Suits for women. This store was born so that I could see what else my Art could become. I was often given the advice to put my Art on clothing or Textiles but couldn’t see an affordable way to do it. This gives me that way and I love it. My second store front ANGESTELLE Gifts is what I call my WILD store front. The art used here is more whimsical. I like to play around with fonts, patterns, photography, shapes and ideas when I design for this store front. It doesn’t have a focus. I would consider the fashion accessories here as fun weekend wear. You will find computer bags, commuter bags, cell phone covers, hoodies, shoes, sandals, skateboards, t-shirts , US Postage Stamps, and other great gift items. I was asked to join Zazzle in early 2012 when I submitted some Art and Photography to them during an online survey. This store is tribute to my late Grandmother. She always enjoyed my Art. When I am not creating Art or learning about it, I’m watching Project Runway, Rachael Zoe or Pinning. I enjoy Baking, Singing, Reading, Spider Solitaire, and hanging out with my Mother and two sisters. My Advice to any Artist or person really is: BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, Be and STAY CREATIVE!!