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Hand Painted Demolition Derby Car

The Art Kids of San Diego County are hand painting a demolition derby car for the Imperial Beach Fire Department
The Art Kids of San Diego County are hand painting a demolition derby car for the Imperial Beach Fire Department
Barbara Feilen and Howard Woodward

Imperial Beach, CA Saturday May 3, 2014

Turning a former police car into a piece of art that will be smashed on June 7th at the Demolition Derby at the San Diego County fair in Del Mar. The car will be one of 17 vehicles competing at this year's fair and the proceeds from this event will go to the San Diego Burn Institute. The car entered by the Imperial Beach fire department is being hand painted by very talented kids. The Art Kids of San Diego County, " have volunteered to paint the car for this event. All together they will have worked a month and a half on this vehicle to make it the best looking car for the derby.

The people seeing the kids work on the vehicle have asked why put so much into this car when it is just going to be smashed. The answer is simple. Before the race it is going to be the best looking car out there. After the race it is going to be a wonderful example of a very colorful sculpture. Before and after art in transition within a few hours of sculpting. The kids are excited as they love painting on different surfaces and seeing how they react to the paint being placed on the car. The kids are painting the car from bumper to bumper. 95% of the sponsors' logos are being hand painted onto the car as well as other items that will make the car unique.

It is a great project for, The Art Kids, as they have to paint the items exactly as they are meant to be. It also allows the kids to place imaginary items onto the vehicle. The aim is to cover the car with art and make it into a true piece of art created by young artists. The kids are also proud to help the fire department as they believe that anything that they can do to help the fire department and the Burn Institute is truly an honor. We are proud of our local fire personnel and the hard work they put in to protect us from all kinds of harm.

The car will be done by the middle of May and will be shown in another article then.

So if you wish to see the transition of art happen then you must come and see this demolition derby at the Del Mar Fair grounds on Saturday the 7th of June.

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