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Hand made Christmas cards not too late

Easy hand made cards
Easy hand made cards

Imagine the scenario, your shopping for holiday gifts and holiday cards. The routine is always the same, you find a box of cards with a beautiful scene on the front but a not so beautiful greeting printed on the inside. Or you find a box with the perfect greeting on the inside but a not so beautiful scene on the front.  As you go through boxes and boxes of greeting cards you wonder to yourself if they make a perfect card.

The solution to the perfect greeting card lies in your own home with your own hands.  Greeting cards is a perfect hobby to get the family involved in to make them even more special.  There are different levels and different kinds of cards that can be made.

To begin, you will need most of the following depending on the card you are making:

  • Card Stock in chosen colors cut into 5 1/2 in - 8 1/2 in - various colors and folded in half

  • Scissors

  • Paper cutter

  • Blender Pen

  • Chalk

  • two sided tape

  • craft glue (must dry clear)

  • Ribbon to match the card stock

  • Brads that fit the color scheme

  • Fun Fir (optional) - Ribbon can be used instead.
  • Stickles - in Christmas colors to match the color schemes

Hand made cards are good to use for all types of occassions. The recepient is more likely to keep a greeting card hand made with love because it is more personal.  It only takes a few minutes to put a card together and it's easier than searching from store to store for just the right one that says exactly what you want to say.  Hand made greeting cards will never fail.