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Hances Point Flotilla dodges debris and muddy water on cruise of the Bay

HPYC Flotilla motors through the Fog heading south towards the flood debris
HPYC Flotilla motors through the Fog heading south towards the flood debris
Denis O'keefe

A hardy bunch from Hances Point Yacht Club took off for a weeklong cruise of the bay on Saturday, September 10th, in spite of flooding on the Susquehanna River of near historic proportions.

A fog bank rolled in just before the 10am departure, delaying it for almost an hour before it lifted enough for them to take off.

Once at the south end of the North East River, the debris started to show up in force, with telephone pole sized logs here and there, and all manner of Flotsam and Jetsam in between. After a decent sail in the afternoon, the group anchored out for the night outside of Wharton Creek, and were off again early the next morning.

The debris slicks became thicker and more prominent, hugging a line along the western shore, at points they had to put motors in neutral and drift across thick grass and woods clusters, and dodge bigger items such as oil boiler tanks and 55 gallon drums.

The second night spent inside Gibson Island, in the Magothy river, was eventuful, as storms rode in, forcing a rafted up gang of three boats to drag anchor to within 30 feet of shore, before rapid resonse kicked in and the motors fired up and anchor drawn up and the three boats all tied together drove out to a point farther out and re-anchored until the storm was finished, when they prompty broke apart and anchored separately. Another storm later in the night blew some gusts of over 30kt, and dropped heavy rains for about a half an hour before subsiding, making way for a peaceful morning.

Another motor through said debris slick in the late morning and a short lived sail, ended with the group in Annapolis for the night, with plans for later destinations to Possibly include St. Micheals, South River, Wye River, Kent Narrows, or possibly Rock Hall before coming to a close at the end of the week.

Thus will end the sailing season for many, as they will begin to prepare boats for retrieval, and winterizing at the end of September and Early October.


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