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Hanah, a white American Bulldog, third year missing since Joplin tornado

Have you seen Hanah?
Have you seen Hanah?
Kari Wilkes used with permission

This morning, May 22, 2014, the Facebook page Bring Hanah Home posted a sad reminder that today is the third anniversary of the EF-5 tornado that devastated the town of Joplin Mo. on May 22, 2011. The tornado also devastated the lives of the Wilkes family, when it ripped their precious bulldog, Hanah, right out of Kari Wilkes arms.

For the past three years an army of volunteers has searched for Hanah, who was photographed standing in some rubble, after the tornado passed. Magazines have done interviews about Hanah, and this Examiner continues to both write about Hanah and search countless websites.

Hanah’s Facebook page has evolved into a non-profit group that has helped countless other dogs and people after they were devastated by storms and tornadoes. They also post storm warnings and safety articles about pets. As the group works to help others, their search for Hanah continues.

Kari Wilkes fully believes that Hanah is out there somewhere and that eventually someone will see a flyer or the Facebook page and will recognize her. The person that photographed Hanah and contacted Wilkes gave her hope.

"He said that a black SUV with lights and a logo on the side of the car pulled up and the sirens were going off again that night," says Wilkes. "As he was walking away, he was leading Hanah to the vehicle and that is the last he saw of her."

To date, this dark colored SUV has not been located and none of the rescuers that Wilkes has talked to who came to Joplin remember Hanah. So where is Hanah? Where did she eventually end up? She could be in any state or any home. She could be living right next door to you.

It’s possible that someone has adopted Hanah and that they love her as much as the Wilkes family do, but Hanah belongs back home with them. The search for Hanah will not stop until Kari either has some answers or she has her dog back.

"Never, never give up not knowing. I know she's alive and I'm not ever going to give up," says Wilkes. "I don't care about the other stuff. That can all be replaced, but Hanah can't."

Three years later, the Wilkes family has rebuilt their home and they are going on with their lives, but something is missing. The big white American Bulldog that they loving call “Fatgirl.” Hanah would be eight-years-old now. Look closely at the picture. She has two different colored eyes. Her right eye is blue, her left eye is hazel/brown and she has a dark spot under her left eye.

If compassion doesn’t help someone to Bring Hanah Home, there is also a $2500.00 no-questions-asked reward. If you know anything about Hanah, go to the “About” section of Hanah’s Facebook page. You can contact Kari Wilkes or the page admin. Hanah is just one of countless missing dogs whose pet parents miss them. They all deserve answers. Can you help?

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