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Hampton Roads work out without leaving your living room! NOW!

Billy Blanks Jr.
Billy Blanks Jr.

Ok, spring is officially here, and you have those pounds left over still from Thanksgiving. Your New Year’s Resolution only lasted for a day, and you are really hoping to get into that two piece swimsuit by summer. I have the answer! You don't even need to leave your living room, or buy any video games, equipment, or spend money on a gym membership. Hampton Roads, COX Cable (TM), has just what you need! No, I don't work for Cox cable, and this is not a commercial, or ad about Cox. I started my plan over a month ago, and today I fit into pants I could not wear when I started, so I wanted to share what I found with all of you.

On Demand Straight from the living room

The answer is Cox On Demand (TM). The menu (not user friendly in the least) is somewhat complicated, but once you learn how the On Demand menu is set up, and where you need to go it is simple (You do have to have a Cox DVR box to access On Demand). First step, On Demand Menu. Second Step, Health and Fitness. Third Step, Exercise TV. You will automatically be taken to the Just In screen, but there are several other options on the bottom if you use the right cursor, you can find other workouts including those that are leaving soon, 10 minute workouts, cardio workouts, yoga, the list goes on and on. It is important that you remember that the first screen is not the only screen. There is a 100's of videos ranging from 5 minutes to over an hour, some full length videos, some short and customized.

What shocked me at first was the Billy Banks Junior video's (yes, son of Billy Banks). I found his routines to be awesome! He has a program called Cardioke. It is Cardio workout while singing Karaoke. At first, it does sound a little corny, but singing does help to keep the breathing regular, and the work out was extremely fun, even my kids joined in! What is great about this workout is that it is available in a full length version, and broken down into smaller versions on the On Demand Screen. This is great for short cardio workouts. The cardio is danced based and includes Latin dancing as well as disco. Great get off the couch program.

Another great video series available ON Demand is Bootylicious Buns. This is an excellent series that is guaranteed to make those buns burn, burn, burn. There are several Yoga videos for those that enjoy Yoga. There are also celebrity videos, Kim Kardashian workouts, The Biggest Loser workouts, and the Celebrity Slim down series that is taught by those that actually train celebrities.

I have been flipping to Cox on Demand for at least 20 minutes every morning for the last month. It not only gives me a great workout, but I have the ability to decide if I want to do cardio, abs, weight lifting, or yoga with a selector button. The possibilities are endless, and who doesn’t have 20 minutes to work out. There are no excuses, no tapes or DVD's needed, not ride to the gym, and you are ready to go! Thank you Cox on Demand!


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