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Hammond mayor speaks out after video of cop abusing K-9 officer goes viral

A YouTube video posted on Wednesday by Mark Keepitreal has gone viral and shows a very disturbing one minute and ten seconds recording of a Hammond police officer abusing his German shepherd police dog reports

A Hammond Indiana Police officer is caught on video mistreating his K-9 officer partner.
Screenshot of Mark Keepitreal's YouTube

The northwest Indiana police officer was suspended on Thursday pending an investigation into allegations of animal cruelty.

The video shows an unidentified officer lifting the dog to his hind legs and hitting the dog in the stomach with another lead. The officer then lifts the dog completely off the ground by its collar, swings him around and hits him; the dog gets hit again as he is led back to the squad car.

According to the Northwest Indiana Gazette, when Hammond Mayor Thomas McDermott was informed of the video, he issued the following statement:

"Anybody who loves dogs as much as I do is always saddened and shocked anytime you hear of a dog's abuse. When you find out it happened with an employee of yours, it makes it that much more shocking and disturbing. Please know that the Hammond PD does not condone that type of behavior of any of it's officers, nor is it tolerated in this administration.

Please be warned that there offensive language in the video and parts of the video may not be suitable for all viewers.

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