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Hammerhead shark kayaker: Huge shark takes kayaker on 12-mile ride

A hammerhead shark took a kayaker on a 12-mile trip after latching on to the kayaker's fishing line in Boynton Inlet. On March 26, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Adam Fisk, a student at Florida Atlantic University, posted a video of his crazy adventure and now his story is going viral.

"I figured if my line was holding up I would get the best video I could, just to show my friends. I never thought I would get this far," said Fisk of his experience. Hoping for a career with the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Fisk was doing something that was just up his alley -- hanging out with a shark in the open waters of Florida.

The hammerhead shark kayaker story made waves on sites like Reddit, Gawker, and Huff Post. The 6-minute long video that Fisk made using a head-mounted camera is somewhat cool to see (although many people would say that Fisk was in great danger). Fisk probably didn't think that he would be towed by a hammerhead shark never mind be a bit of an Internet sensation!

Fisk and the shark stayed together for "several hours" and didn't lose touch until somewhere in Lake Worth, Fla. -- 12 miles from where Fisk originally dropped his fishing line.

Check out the hammerhead shark towing the kayaker in the video above.

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