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Hammerhead hovertank available soon for Mass Effect 2


Hammerhead hovertank (pic from

Itching for some Mass Effect 2 DLC? You won't have to wait long. Later this month, those with the Cerberus Network will be able to download the Firewalker pack for free, which will include the Hammerhead hovertank and 5 new missions. If you don't have the Cerberus Network, not to worry, you will still be able to get this (and all future) DLC, though you may have to pay for some content that Cerberus owners will get for free. Alternatively, you can just purchase a code for the Cerberus Network from Bioware.

So far, Cerberus Network users have been able to get the Normandy SR-1 Crash site, Zaeed Massani, the Eviscerator shotgun, and the Cerberus Assault gear. Expect quite a bit of content to keep you occupied until Mass Effect 3 is released. There are even action figures to be released this summer, and there is a Mass Effect comic book series out that takes place between ME1 and ME2. Check out these comic stores in Chesapeake and grab the Redemption #3 (of 4).


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