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Hamilton Ohio cold cases need your help

Like many cities, Hamilton, Ohio has been no stranger to it's share of homicides. The county seat, Hamilton is a beautiful industrial city in southwestern Ohio, with the scenic Great Miami River dancing through it. Officially declared the "City of Sculpture" in 2000, there's no doubt of it's cultural heritage and historical value. City-Data reports theft as Hamilton's largest crime. However, there is a dark side to this proud city, holding secrets of murderous perpetrators that have gone unidentified for too long, their victims almost having been forgotten. While Hamilton boasts a list of 'notable natives', from professional sports figures and musicians, to published authors and philosophers, other citizens, specifically the cold case homicide victims, have not had the same level of exposure or fame. Unsolved homicide cases have went cold, no new leads or clues to pursue, this according to Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine. Below are eight Hamiltonian's needing justice for their murders, and you just may hold the key to help solving them.

Broderick Statez McGhee, Hamilton, Ohio unsolved homicide case #1347.  Homicide occurred at 1133 Central Ave. March 16, 2013.  Black male born Dec 26, 1977.  Height: 6'04", weight: 220 lbs., black hair, brown eyes.  Contact HPD at 513-868-5811.
Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine
Hamilton, Ohio cold cases need a boost

Broderick Statez McGhee (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1347) was found shot dead at MKM McGhee's Kustom Motors body shop at 1133 Central Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio just last year. Although rumor on Topix may suggest it was drug or gang related, his family continues to hold hope his case will be solved. Fox19 reported on the homicide and said McGhee had some "scrapes" with the law earlier in life, however, all of that changed when he opened the auto body shop. Friends and family reported to Fox19 that McGhee was a good man and an inspiration to his community.

Eric Bruce (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1076) was found gunned down in 1997 after officers responded to a report of a domestic dispute in the park at Neilan and Williams in Hamilton, Ohio. The first responding officer was directed to a car where the disturbance had taken place and when he checked the car, the victim was found deceased from a gunshot wound.

Frenchman D. Minniefield (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1346) was found deceased from a gunshot wound in 2004, after police received a call. AndThisToShallPass writes that an unknown suspect fired on Minniefield in the alley between Mahogany‘s Bar & the gas station at the corner of Front & Pershing Street in Hamilton, Ohio. Frenchmen was running from a gun fight that erupted in Mahogany's. His family, friends, Hamilton Police, and Crime Stoppers are asking for any information leading to the apprehension of his killer.

Robert Leon Johnson (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1233) approached a vehicle with several subjects in it on South Monument Avenue in Hamilton, Ohio in 1996. Johnson leaned over to speak the subjects and one pulled out a handgun and shot Johnson in the chest. He then staggered to the sidewalk, fell down, and died, the vehicle speeding away.

Richard Mincher (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1345) got into a fight at a bar (near Cambridge Plaza in Hamilton, Ohio) in 1993 and the fight was broken up. About an hour later, a single gunshot came from the back door area, striking Mincher. He collapsed from a gunshot wound, and died.

Robert M Fields (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1344) was found on the floor of an apartment on Village Street in Hamilton, Ohio, dead from an apparent gunshot wound in 1997.

Emerson Skinner (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1348) was found dead on the floor of his residence in 1994 after a neighbor called the police (after not seeing Skinner in several days). Police entered the residence and found him dead.

Bryant Lee Johnson (Ohio Attorney General case number: 1828) went to meet someone on South 12th Street in Hamilton, Ohio. During that meeting, he was shot and killed in April 2013. WHIO reported Johnson received multiple gunshot wounds. They wrote Johnson was leaving a house that the Hamilton Police Department has hit with its SWAT team twice in the last six months for drug activity. Hamilton Police Chief Scott Scrimizzi said,

“We knew that location was a problem. It’s so much of a problem that it’s a high risk warrant that our SWAT officers were serving.

WLWT reported Johnson later succumbed to his wounds, after being flown to an area hospital.

As with Bryant Johnson, anyone wishing to submit a tip for any of the above unsolved homicides can call the Hamilton Police Department at 513-868-5811, or submit an online tip via the Ohio Attorney General's website, using the victim's name and case number (which can be found next to their corresponding photo and story).

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