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Hamilton man claims alien base exists in Lake Ontario

December was a busy time with Christmas arriving in just a few weeks. Hence this Examiner, who lives in Hamilton, Ontario, missed an important story about a man who claimed there is an alien base in Lake Ontario.

On December 7, 2013 at about 2:01 p.m., the man described seeing “numerous balls or orb-like lights” in the sky over the lake as he walked home from work.

“I then felt sick and faint but kept focus on them,” he said. “I tried to move but could not. There were (approximately) 10 orbs hovering above (and) then slightly away from me, before they moved off quietly to the SE (southeast).”

The witness said he had seen “many orbs or spheres over the lake over the years.

“This was real and I think it was aliens trying to communicate with me, as I seem to have missed about 11 minutes of time.”

Missing time is a strong indicator of alien abduction, although the man made no mention of that. The feeling that he had upon seeing the orbs is also common.

Previous Sighting

On April 27, 2013 at about 9:30 p.m., Frankie Gotz of Hamilton said he was on the balcony of his home on Barton Street East and Parkdale Avenue North when he saw “an incredible event in the sky that my family and I got to witness and video tape.

(It is not known if Gotz was the same man to see the orbs last December.)

He described seeing a “sky orb that seemed blue in color” and sitting stationary. He then “noticed a second sky orb the color of red that kept traveling high up into the sky until it disappeared.”

To his family’s surprise he said, “a third sky orb came into view. It almost looked like it came from the ground, which can be examined in this video. It was also red; it almost collided with the stationary blue one.”

Is there an alien base in Lake Ontario? With the multitude of sightings over the lake, some people believe so. Here are just a few of them captured on film:

Footage of UFO by Frankie Gotz in 2008

UFO Sighting at Lake Ontario Canada - January 26th 2013

UFO A floating object was in the air Over LAKE ONTARIO

UFOs Lake Ontario May 6, 2013

Lake Ontario UFO January 26, 2013

UFO over Lake Ontario

Oshawa – Multicolored UFO Witnessed and Filmed Over Lake Ontario January 24th 2008

Frank Gotz on Facebook

To view a video about the Great Lakes Triangle, go HERE.

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