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Hamid Karzai: A Puppet No Longer

Hamid Karzai: A Puppet No Longer
Hamid Karzai: A Puppet No Longer

In 2001, Afghanistan was run by the Taliban. A very strict way of life was being maintained. Women would have no schooling and to put it honestly you would think that Afghanistan was not living in the 21st century. In 2004 Presidential elections were held and a winner arose, Hamid Karzai. He also ran and won in 2009 and for the most part you would think that he would be grateful to the United States for all their help in reestablishing his backward country.

Recently in his final address to Parliament he basically told everyone that he would not sign anything with the United States and he also made it sound like he was the only one responsible for the Afghanistan turnaround.

Since Saturday some 2176 American Soldiers died in defense of this country and this man. Karzai would not be in the position he is in if it were not for the Americans and the sacrifices that we have endured trying to help Afghanistan. The money that has been sent to this country is in the billions. Money that could have been used in the United States helping our own people.

President Obama has already said that U.S. troops were going to withdraw from Afghanistan and that all we are wanting to do is leave a complimentary force to help with training Afghan soldiers. In recent months, it has come to the attention of everyone that Karzai has been holding talks with the Taliban and as to what end I do not have the answers.

If Karzai wishes to exit the world stage slapping the same people who helped him get to where he is that's fine. Most of the ten who are running in the April 5th elections have said that they would sign the security agreement with the United States.

I can honestly say that I am so happy that Hamid Karzai on his own was responsible for the schools that are now functioning and that women have rights again. That the energy projects that are coming online are all because of Hamid Karzai. That the Afghan currency has been stabilized by his own doing, and that by his own accounts to Parliament that he is Superman and has done all this on his won. Okay, then Mr. Karzai would you please pay back all the money that the United States and the other countries gave to your country in the rebuilding of it. Oh and yes would you please come to all the countries who lost men and women in defense of your country and explain to their families why they died in vain. I can't wait for the Taliban to retake Afghanistan when you leave, Mr. Karzai.