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Hamas turned the war switch back on

Gaza citizens must turn off the war machine. Are there any sensible Gaza citizens inside or outside Gaza today who can work with the population and with Israel to knock off the violence and to address the need to achieve a sustainable economy and peaceful life for its inhabitants?

Gaza children deserve a future
Thomas Imo/Photothek/Getty Images
  • 1.8 million people live in Gaza that is in a space 139 square miles that is 13,000 people per square mile.
  • There 1.6 million people living in Manhattan. Manhattan is 22.7 square miles or 70,485 people per square mile.

In both instances, the population is dense. In both instances the land itself would not support so many people. The difference is that Manhattan is part of a greater metropolis, and part of a state. It has become a center of finance and business for the United States. It has become sustainable via a combination of highly skilled people that a resident in balance with needs, and surrounded by a state and nation that benefits from its existence.

By comparison, Gaza does not belong to a state or nation. The land resources cannot support the large population, and its people and business offer deficient value and worth. The burden on Gaza citizens is to become economically viable and sustainable. They must become good neighbors in the region and the world. What is the way ahead?

1. Recognize the requirement for Gaza citizens to become a viable community.

2. Organize Gaza community government to establish peace and security and to address the requirement for a sustainable economy.

3. To accomplish those things, recognize certain prerequisites:

  • Remove the legacy of ideology that prevents Gaza citizens from being a viable community
  • Replace hostile and violent leadership with peace seekers

4. Reach to Israel as a partner to achieve economic sustainability

5. Disavow and reject all relationships that undermine the pursuit of peace

The way forward is not the way that it has been. The notion of statehood is possible if Gaza is to become a state within Israel or Egypt, for instance. The notion of surviving as a separate enclave is unviable.

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