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Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan accuses Jews of eating the blood of Christians

Israeli soldier near Gaza
Israeli soldier near Gaza
Photo by Lior Mizrahi/Getty Images

One of the most surreal incidents of the current Israel/Gaza War took place Monday night when CNN’s Wolf Blitzer interviewed Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan over his repeating the blood libel against the Jews. The blood libel is the assertion, dating back to the Middle Ages, stated that Jews kidnapped Christian children, killed them, and used their blood as an ingredient in the baking of Passover matzah or unleavened bread. Blitzer, whose network has been accused of being biased in favor of Hamas, was justifiably incredulous.

Hamdan was using the blood libel as a way to buttress his claim that Israel seeks the genocide of the Palestinian people. He was demonstrating an ugly face of Hamas terrorism that was likely far more off putting to many people than accounts of Israelis cowering in bomb shelters. It certainly helps to counter Hamas propaganda of Israelis murdering Palestinian children, which Hamas is using as human shields.

Hot Air notes that at least in the United States, Israel is winning the media war. A 42 percent plurality of American adults believes that Israel’s actions in the Gaza War are justified. Only 14 percent of American adults say the same thing about Hamas.

This is not quite the case in Europe, where public displays of anti-Semitism has reached a higher fever pitch than since the end of Nazi Germany, as the New York Times suggests. Some of the rage is being expressed by Europe’s immigrant Muslim community. But political extremists on both the right and the left have joined in to express their wrath.

Overt anti-Semitism had been politically incorrect since the end of World War II and the revelations of the Nazi holocaust. It had been hoped that the actions of Hitler and his regime might have placed anti-Semitism on the ash heap of history forever. However it appears that the ancient evil has begun to reassert itself, fanned by Islamist terrorists like Hamdan.