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Hamas in Gaza fired more than 50 rockets at Israel on Tuesday

Proving a point for Israel, diplomacy won’t work with Hamas. Diplomacy will work when Israel is negotiating with Gaza citizens who seek peaceful coexistence. The ultimate answer is not a two-state solution. Instead, for Gaza, it is for Gaza Arabs to integrate as part of the functioning state of Israel. What would it take for that to happen?

Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
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  1. Convert Gaza inhabitants to peaceful coexistence, one or a few neighborhoods at a time.
  2. Rid Gaza of all inhabitants who are not committed to peaceful coexistence.
  3. Establish a cooperative system of governance with Israel.
  4. Mutually protect the territory against insurgents.
  5. On merit, open neighborhoods to access and free trade.

Of course, the process of developing moderate partners among the Gaza population will be messy and take investment and time. For every dead Gaza civilian resulting from war with Israel are hundreds of individuals who resent the tragedy. The amount of hate was multiplied as a result and that must be diffused through unprecedented education and cooperation.

Debates about the justification for war and death serve no purpose for the way forward.

In all likelihood, it is necessary for global participation in such a process that includes investment and neutral security governance.

Can you imagine an adopt-a-Gaza neighborhood program whereby Israelis communities work in concert with local Gaza leaders to pursue progress for peace? Surely there are people in the affected communities who would desire that sort of process toward a mutually desirable outcome.

Issues that separate disparate people with different ideologies would have to address the core principles that divide them. An overarching principle imposed by the free world is that people are required to tolerate their differences and to adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Do this in memory of me.

Eleanor Roosevelt

“Gaza cease-fire broken as militants’ rocket attacks spark retaliatory Israeli airstrikes

By William Booth and Orly Halpern August 19 at 5:56 PM

JERUSALEM — Militants in Gaza broke a temporary cease-fire by launching rockets at Israel on Tuesday, and Israel responded with airstrikes. The resumption of hostilities shut down talks in Cairo that seek a permanent truce between Israel and Hamas after more than a month of war.

The two sides, though exhausted by the conflict, vowed to continue fighting. Each side, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Gaza’s Hamas leadership, insists on demands that the other rejects.”

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