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Hamas forces Israel to fight

Hamas applauded the kidnapping and murder of three teens; it was irksome. Israel did not retaliate militarily. When a Palestinian teen was murdered in retribution, the entire world denounced the vengeance, and Prime Minister Netanyahu was quick to say that the murderers would be dealt with firmly per Israeli law. This should have ended the terror filled weeks.

Suffering financially, and perhaps not receiving attention it hoped to achieve, Hamas used the critical moment to barrage Israel with hundreds of rockets and missiles during the past week. Those Iranian rockets, it is believed, were smuggled into Gaza via tunnels from Egypt during the presidency of Morsi, who has been since removed from office because of his close ties to the terrorist Moslem Brotherhood. Many were brought in illegally by ship, which Israel tried to prevent with a naval blockade. The current Egyptian administration has exploded the tunnels, and Israel’s blockade is relatively successful. Sadly Hamas already has a huge arsenal at its disposal.

In response to recent Hamas escalation, Israel has called up 40,000 reservists. It has destroyed hundreds of sites that Hamas used for launches. The Israeli counter attack was performed with surgical precision. It was initiated after radio broadcasts in Arabic to Palestinians in Gaza to avoid death and injury at target sites because of the impending actions by the Israeli air force. Sadly too many Palestinians ignored the warning.

Several have complained that Israel’s strategy was not properly balanced with the Hamas offense. Former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York answered that issue brilliantly in the attached video.

There are many source materials related to the events that bring a Jewish perspective to light. When the entire Arab world ganged up on tiny Israel in 1967, the world rooted for Israel, the definitive underdog. It was a David against Goliath battle, and back then Israel was seen as David. Ongoing demonstration of Israeli military superiority in later years now casts Arabs as underdogs in ongoing skirmishes as Moslems seek dominion of the entire Middle East. Whether stronger or weaker than her neighbors, Israel is morally bound to defend its citizens against harm.

In modern society, every sovereign state is expected to defend its own against the dangers and risks of those who would attack. No one questions how the United States would react were Mexico or Canada to be so stupid as to launch rockets against American border towns. When American interests around the world are at stake, America has often rallied to the cause. Yet Israel is repeatedly asked to turn the other cheek.

Israel cannot allow itself to ignore those who threaten her existence.

The entire Political Zionist enterprise that led to the creation of the State of Israel is founded on the notion that Jews need a state where they can live as all other people of the world, governing themselves and defending their own interests. This perception, it was thought, would insure Jewish safety. Sadly Israel continues to be attacked because she is the Jewish State.

In the wake of the Holocaust, as well as in reaction to the tragic acts against Jews by Rome and Babylonia in antiquity, Israeli soldiers to this day pledge “never again.” As Hamas calls for driving all Jews into the sea, can Israel abandon the import of this slogan?

Torah law distinguishes between required war and optional war. Torah law demands that when Israel is physically attacked it is mitzvah bound to fight.

War is never balanced nor intended to be pleasant. If armies were balanced, wars would usually end in stalemate. Moreover, at the end of hostilities without resolution, while a cease fire or armistice may obtain , a war is not truly over. This is a sad lesson that the United States is learning in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It must also be noted that no one fights a war just to drive a point home. Since time immemorial, armies fight to win, and use every practical tool at their disposal to that end. Armies go to the field to defeat the enemy.
Radical Moslems are striving to eradicate western values from the region. ISIS boasts its threat to do that worldwide. Also noting events of two years ago in Benghazi, acts of Hamas cannot be easily dismissed. Responses of Brigitte Gabriel and Frank Gafny at a Heritage forum on Benghazi to a Moslem law student in attached videos relate well to the Israel/Hamas conflict.

There are many who want to cast Israel as overstepping and as overly confrontational. As declared in its Declaration of Independence, Israel yearns for a peaceful coexistence with neighbors. Israel’s need to protect its interests does not denigrate the love for peace at its people’s heart.

When the world respects Israel’s rights as a sovereign state, the Zionist dream will truly ring true. Perhaps Hamas and others of its ilk might be repressed. Until that time comes true, Israel sadly has no option but to continue on the path to which it has been forced.

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