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‘Halo’ Xbox One publisher talks about impact of television show

‘Halo’ Xbox One publisher talks about impact of television show
‘Halo’ Xbox One publisher talks about impact of television show
Microsoft Studios

Phil Spencer has talked a little bit about the upcoming “Halo” television show. In an interview with the Official Xbox Magazine on Jan. 7, the corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios (the company that will be publishing the upcoming untitled “Halo” video game for the Xbox One) believed that the new program won’t simply be “filler.” Instead, it is expected to make a “meaningful contribution” to the intellectual property.

Phil Spencer went on to disclose that the television show would help introduce more people into the universe using “more accessible mediums” when compared to a first-person shooting video game. You can find some screens of the forthcoming “Halo” title in the slideshow to the left of this article and his comments below:

I think there's a story in the Halo games that's noteworthy. And that we can introduce more people to the IP by putting the franchise, stories, and characters in more accessible mediums than a first person shooter. That's a good thing for Halo, a good thing for the platform, and a good thing for the IP owners.

Microsoft Studios will apparently have huge expectations on the “Halo” television show as they will be collaborating with Steven Spielberg on the project. It may also interact with the Xbox One video game, which was confirmed to be in development at last year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo.

343 Industries, the developer of “Halo 4,” is currently working on the next software product for the series. The new title, which takes place after the events of the fourth main installment, was previously confirmed to target 60 frames per second at the 1080p native resolution. “Halo” for the Xbox One should be coming out later this year.