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"Halo" was saved after being shot in the head and beaten

Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue (LCPBR) has a new "mascot" and his name is "Halo". A fitting name for a sweet little 9 month old pit bull puppy who has survived unthinkable cruelty. Approximately 4 months ago, Renee Smith, of LCPBR received a call from a friend who saw Halo at Calcasieu Parish Animal Services holding room where he was waiting to be seen by a veterinarian. Renee was allowed to pull Halo from the shelter to keep him safe at her home while the cruelty investigation was ongoing. Not only does he have 3 bullets/pellets in his brain, his skull is fractured and he will possibly have vision limitations in one eye. He does limp on his front left leg because it was discovered he had another trauma in the shoulder area, likely from being kicked or beaten (see slide show photos). He is walking, eating, and using the bathroom. In fact, when he saw Renee's little girl for the first time, he got up wagged his entire booty and licked her. After outrageous mistreatment at the hands of a cruel human, Halo is still a loving and playful puppy. In the months since being rescued, Halo has recovered from his life threatening injuries, but will always have physical limitations. Now he acts like a puppy, kisses everyone he meets, and is beginning basic obedience training to prepare him to be a therapy dog and educator in the community to help fight animal cruelty. LCPBR plans to keep him as a permanent member of the family so Halo is not for adoption.

"Halo" was approximately 5 months old when shot and beaten by a man in Lake Charles, LA. These photos show his journey of recovery.
Halo is a lucky boy with a 2nd chance at life, rescued after being shot in head
Rescue Volunteers

Thankfully, the man responsible for Halo's injuries was identified and arrested. Tyler Scott Sanders (see slide show) was arraigned in the first week of February on charges of aggravated cruelty to animals and theft of an animal. His court date is scheduled for April 3, 2014. This is an example of how every community should address animal abusers, and follow through with prosecution and sentencing. Only when citizens report cruelty and stand up for the voiceless victims can animal cruelty come to an end. Halo has gotten so much support and love from all across the country and has already spread the word about how resilient pit bulls can be even after cruel treatment by humans.

"Halo" now has his own Facebook page at "Team Halo".

If you would like to donate to Halo's care, it can be done two ways...via Paypal to the email address or directly to LCPBR's veterinarian at Lake Area Animal Hospital, 630 E. School St, Lake Charles, Louisiana 70607 or call them at 337-479-1199 and be sure to say this donation is for the "care of Halo" or for "Lake Charles Pit Bull Rescue's account".

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