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Halo Series 2 Spartan CIO Exclusive Action Figure

A Walgreens exclusive, the Spartan CIO with Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) was out abundantly in stores prior to Christmas 2013. It sports a unique grey and green paint scheme, and intricate sculpting. Additionally, the figure (like most of the Spartan permutations from the Halo 4 waves) sports a whopping 27 points of articulation.


As this is the first of the Halo 4 Spartans we have looked at (other than the Master Chief of course) it bears doing a quick run down of the features. Very little in the way of surprises appears in terms of sculpting or paint, both are top notch head to toe. The joints on the arms are a little finicky, as the elbow ball is articulated in all three axes, at both the bicep and forearm end. You have to really think about what you want the arm to do before you set about moving it.

Another problem is the hand. The thumb and fingers are aggressively clenched. This can be a positive, as once something s gripped, it is positively secure. Getting an accessory in there, however, can be a bit dodgy. The DMR, with its small, enclosed grip, is quite difficult to get seated.

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