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Halo Mega bloks UNSC Weapon Pack II

Recently appearing at retailers, UNSC Weapon Pack II includes a UNSC Marine with enclosed helm, weapon rack, and heavy machine gun. Presumably called "UNSC Weapon Pack II" to differentiate it from the beige Mjolnir Mk 6 in the same wave, and not because it is the second such pack (there have been well over 2 sets).

In the box.

This set includes:

  • New Sculpt UNSC Marine.
  • Tripod mounted heavy machine gun.
  • Weapon Rack.
  • Assault rifle with new grey 'skin'
  • DMR with new orange 'skin.'
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Shotgun

It's a neat set, with a new (or at least recent) sculpted marine, a few harder to get weapons, as well as new looks for old ones.

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