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Halo Mega Bloks UNSC Offworld Cyclops

A release in the same recent wave of packs that included the two UNSC weapons packs is this repaint/reconceptualized Cyclops exo-suit. Unlike the more spec-ops and climate themed early releases, the Offworld Cyclops seems geared towards either exploratory/colonization duties, or for holding off hordes of Xenomorphs. Since the Halo Wars game from which the Cyclops appeared takes place right after first contact with the Covenant (and before the flood), I am going to guess the colonization duties are more likely.

In the package

That said, if it were only slightly more in scale with minifigs, it could be used as a reasonable facsimile of a Starcraft firebat suit.

This Cyclops, while repurposed, suffers from much of the same growing pains as its older brothers, namely, it is hard to stand because of the positions of the joints on the legs and feet. It is difficult to make it look good in any free standing position, as the weird joints, along with it being naturally topheavy, make it necessary to lean the torso for balance. Not a good look. Other than that it's a pretty cool set, and includes the new sculpt Halo 4 Marine with open helmet, as well as the latest iteration of the combat shotgun.

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