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Halo Mega Bloks Spartan IV Battle Pack

In the box.
In the box.

As the set naming convention indicates, this set includes a pair of Spartan IV soldiers, as well as a pair of Covenant infantry for them to battle.

From the Package:
The Spartan IV Battle Pack arms two Spartans against Covenant Soldiers during a crossfire trap.

This is rather amusing, as it implies the Jackal and Grunt are trying to ambush a pair of armor clad Spartans, which is simply a recipe for ignominious defeat, if the games are to be taken at any sort of face value.

Included in this set are:
-UNSC Spartan Scout with LMG
-UNSC Spartan Recruit (active camo) with Shotgun
-Storm Jackal with shield and plasma pistol
-Imperial Grunt with needler.

It's a really nice way to get several of the new sculpts on the cheap without trying to nab them from the larger sets. Interestingly, while looking quite ponderous, the Imperial Grunt is much less difficult to stand supporting his own weight than previous versions of the diminutive aliens. The Storm Jackal, on the other hand, apparently has no scruples as he will stand for nothing!

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