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Halo Mega Bloks Spartan Assault Battle Pack

Contents of the Set
Contents of the Set

The Spartan Assault Battle pack is a new Mega Bloks set, which includes several new or rare figures at a low end price.

From the package:

Two UNSC Spartans - Sarah Palmer and Edward Davis - gear up and prepare for an intense clash against a Brute Major and a Brute Minor. Featuring two all-new super-articulated micro action figures with customizable armor.

While labeled as a Brute Minor, the cloaked Brute more closely resembles the Brute Stalker. However, the Brute Major is a new figure, so all is forgiven. Additionally, Palmer and Davis are either new or hard to find, and include the new modular armor system - which is somewhat like a cross between the armor pieces from the World of Warcraft series and the customizable figures from their more recent Call of Duty line.

All in all, an exciting set which is a great value.