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Halo Mega Bloks Red ODST Pod

Out of the Package & Ready To Rumble
Out of the Package & Ready To Rumble

Hitting stores recently are the economy priced Halo Mega Bloks ODST Drop pods. These are refreshing in that they are neither blind packed, nor costly, like the previous main ways of obtaining ODSTs. The original ODST Drop Pod releases were limited edition, and came with a do-it-yourself Drop Pod that was overly intricate, finicky, and generally a bother to play with. Subsequent ODST Troopers have either been part of large sets, or rare figures in the blind pack waves. So for many fans, this new wave of 'mini-pods' is the best way to date to get what many collectors consider the best of the Halo Mega Bloks figure line up.

In this release, the Pod is mostly packaging. You can keep it to use it as a container for your trooper, but it is not really functional as the first releases were. In exchange for this 'dumbing down' of the drop pod, you get roughly a 75% drop in price (from about $13 - $3). The figures themselves are still top notch, and the paint applications are, as usual for the premium ODSTs simply superb.