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Halo Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit

Seek out the Flood wherever it may hide and stop it before it can spread with the Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit! Covert Ops Spartans in EOD and Scout armor search a suspected Flood-infested area ready to fight an Elite COmbat Form and a Carrier Form.

Flood Carrier Form
One of the most sought after figures from the set.

Halo Mega Bloks Flood Hunters Battle Unit was a 'repackage' type of set that hit retailers last season. It was not too great of a value at full price, but now that they have hit clearance, they are a sweet buy where they can still be found. Included are on EOD Spartan, One Scout Spartan, One Flamethrower, One Missile Pod, One Shotgun, One Carrier Form, One Elite Combat Form, and six Infection Forms.

While all of these figures and accessories have been included in sets before, this set is the first to package many of them together, and the only cost-effective way to get many of the fan requested items such as the missile pod and flamethrower. The Flood figures as well are moderately rare, and this set comes with a good number and assortment of them.

Special mention should be made of the color schemes in this set, as the charcoal grey armor on the Spartans is quite cool looking in person, and that perhaps does not quite come across in the pictures. All of the figures stand on their own (unless holding the flamethrower, which requires a stand), including the Carrier form, which is rather surprising. The Carrier also has what appears to be some kind of action feature for flinging Infection Forms, but I did not figure that out. Perhaps the balloon part is supposed to be springy enough to bounce them based solely on elasticity?