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‘Halo’ mash-up pack for ‘Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition’ officially confirmed

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After screens were recently teased depicting characters from Halo inside of the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft, it was clear that there was an upcoming DLC heading to the game, but 4J Studios wasn’t saying whether the add-on would simply be a new skin pack or something else entirely. Finally revealing the nature of the add-on, the official news site for Halo posted a new screenshot from the DLC via Twitter on May 16 along with confirmation that it belongs to an upcoming Halo Mash-up Pack.

Joining other gaming franchises like Mass Effect and Skyrim before it, the Halo Waypoint reveal verified that Microsoft’s popular first-person shooter will also be receiving its own Minecraft themed makeover. Minecraft mash-up packs fully blend aspects of other popular titles with the blocky world of Minecraft.

Like the existing mash-up packs, the upcoming Halo DLC for Minecraft will add new textures and landmarks to make the block-building title look like it is set within the Halo universe. Music and sounds from Halo will also be imported into the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft. To further complete the transformations, mash-up packs also remodel Minecraft’s user interface to look more like the source material.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is now available either as a download or on retail shelves. The game is currently celebrating its second anniversary with free downloadable skin pack DLC add-ons. The title’s first two mash-up packs are also now on sale for this weekend only.

4J Studios is working to bring Minecraft to the new generation of consoles later this year. The developer is presently creating upcoming editions of Minecraft for the Xbox One and PS4. Players will be able to transfer their existing game worlds to the next-gen editions so that they may continue playing the same save files on Xbox One and PS4.


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