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Halo Lounge in South Beach

Alexandra with Jason from Halo
Alexandra with Jason from Halo
A Rippy

Where are all the hot men in Miami? Halo Lounge on Lincoln Road. Ladies, you may not find your husband here, but you sure will find your Gay Husband here, which is a sure fashion accessory here in South Beach. This gay lounge is a hot spot for the gorgeous individuals who just want to enjoy a drink and socialize.

 Ladies, why waste your time chatting up with men who are just planning their morning get-away-routine, when you can have a great conversation with a man who is going to tell you how much he loves your shoes and his aspirations to be a clothing designer  in hopes that you will model for him... enough said.

To all my gorgeous gays: make sure you frequent this chic spot. The decor is fabulous, the men are gorgeous, and the drinks are healthy... go figure.