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'Halo' goes 4x with 'Sins of the Prophets' mod shown off in video

UNSC Orion-class Battleship
UNSC Orion-class Battleship

Microsoft's "Halo" franchise has hit all the marks as a first-person shooter and even as a real-time strategy game. The one thing missing in the sprawling science-fiction space epic has been actual space battles. A group of modders have stepped up to fill that role with "Sins of the Prophets", a "Sins of a Solar Empire" mod, and showed their progress in a livestream video Tuesday.

"Sins of the Prophets" is a total conversion mod for "Sins of a Solar Empire" set in the "Halo" universe during the Human-Covenant war prior to Master Chief's first encounter with a Halo ring. When released, players will have the opportunity to control UNSC, Covenant or the Forerunner fleets in real-time space battles.

You may ask how the Forerunner fit into this but the "Sins of the Prophets" website describes the faction as the "Forerunner Remnant."

Foreunner is the translated name for the ancient race of enligtened beings that were the creators of the Halo Array, the Ak and the Shield Worldds. Many thousands of years ago, their entire civilization vanished, leaving only their technological creations behind. Said creations have been known to combat both the UNSC, and the Covenant Empire when proved.

"Sins of the Prophets" development lead Unikraken demonstrated a multiplayer match between two UNSC forces (UNSC vs Innies) against senior development lead CanadaMan7 in a TwitchTV livestream. The ship models and other structures, user interface and tech tree already look impressive for being an independent mod with all the contributors working part time. All of the different UNSC class ships were present from the Halcyon-class Cruisers modeled after the Pillar of Autumn to the supercarrier.

During the livestream, Unikraken repeatedly pointed out different graphics, models or gameplay features that still require work but showed off much more that is already available in the mod. This includes building planet defenses with Super MAC (SMAC) walls, Frigate spam, and different strategies.

"Sins of a Solar Empire" is known for somewhat slow gameplay but the modders behind "Sins of the Prophets" are constructing the mod to be more fast-paced as is fitting of the "Halo" universe.

A public beta for "Sins of the Prophets" is coming soon according to the page that serves as host. The team behind the mod is currently trying to get most of the space units from all factions in the game along with the GUI for each race and all of the severe bugs hammered out.

For "Halo" fans who also enjoy a good 4X space sim, this looks like a mod worth keeping your eye on. You can watch the saved video from the livestream demo at TwitchTV and check out the mod at

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