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Halo 5 will come out in 2014 according to Official Xbox Magazine

In a confirmation of sorts, Halo 5 has been leaked as coming out indefinitely in 2014 according to a leaked image of the March edition of Official Xbox Magazine.

Halo 5 to come out in 2014 according to OXM
Halo 5 to come out in 2014 according to OXM (photo via posting on

Dualshockers is reporting that the March cover of OXM features a short blurb directly underneath another big name in the Xbox One roster for 2014, Titanfall, that reads "Halo 5 - It's coming this year!". While Halo has been assumed to both be not and definitely coming in 2014, a Halo title for the holiday season will certainly help the Xbox One's cause as a must have gift.

While still a rumor, and definitely not a confirmation of release date, or even window, Xbox One owners may just have one more reason to be excited for this coming holiday season. OXM has a to-be-expected well regarded holding with Microsoft and the Xbox wing, and could be considered a great outlet for Microsoft to get the news out.

The cover does not reveal much more in the way of news regarding Halo, but the image suggests that more info might await subscribers inside. No official word from Microsoft as to confirmation or denial of the suggested 2014 release has been spotted as yet.

Halo 5 was first announced at E3 2013 in June, with striking imagery following a robed and masked silhouette through the desert that was later revealed to be none other than Master Chief. The game looks to continue the struggle against the Promethean threat, but any further details are still sparse.

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