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'Halo 5' teased in Xbox One video but don't get excited

Microsoft’s Xbox YouTube channel posted a video Thursday that appeared to tease “Halo 5” for the Xbox One. Don’t get excited though as it’s not a real thing.

Halo 5 Tease Xbox One
Photo courtesy of Microsoft, used with permission

The “Halo 5” image popped up at the 0:50 mark of the “Xbox One Design ‘Show’” video embedded with this article. The video is meant to show the “seamless integration of Xbox One hardware and software through a unified design language.” However, the friends feed showed a fictional Xbox Live account called “Pit Bear” playing “Halo 5 – Infinity Slayer on Haven.”

As “Halo 4” players now, that description is the name of the Team Deathmatch game mode on the most popular map in the game. However, all of this is just placeholder material.

“As most (all?) of you expected, the Xbox One dash images shown in this video were placeholder and not indicative of future game content,” 343 Industries Community Manager Bravo explained on the TeamBeyond forums. So, this is definitely not a real thing and not a sign that “Halo 5” is confirmed for this year.

So why all of the buzz about “Halo 5” for the Xbox One? A good part of the reason is that it appears that 343 Industries and Microsoft are working on multiple “Halo” titles and not just the sequel to the disappointing “Halo 4.”

There are rumors egged on by Xbox boss Phil Spencer that a “Halo 2 Anniversary Edition” is in the works and a recent resume also indicated that a new AAA “Halo” game is being developed as well. There are additional rumors that “Halo 5” will not come out until next year and that the “Halo 2” re-release will arrive instead.

Understandably, this has created a buzz which videos like the one released today by Microsoft will contribute to. Microsoft has confirmed that something “Halo” will be revealed during its E3 media briefing on June Monday, June 9 at 12:30 p.m. EST / 9:30 a.m. PST.

h/t NeoGAF

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