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‘Halo 5’ publisher working on new ‘Halo’ project

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Microsoft Studios, the publisher of the upcoming “Halo 5,” is working on another product for the first-person shooting franchise. According to a report from Kotaku on April 3, the company has announced plans to create a “digital feature project.”

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The potential movie will be helmed by Ridley Scott, the director behind “Alien,” “Blad Runner” and “Gladiator.” David Zucker, who previously worked on Naked Gun and Scary Movie, is also going to be a part of the team. Finally, Sergio Mimica-Gezzan is listed as the director. He was previously credited with directing several episodes from “Battlestar Galactica” and “Heroes” series. You can find a batch of “Halo 5” images with the slideshow to the left of this article.

The upcoming project won’t feature Master Chief as the main character nor is it related to the new “Halo” television series. Microsoft Studios tried to create a live action movie in the past with Peter Jackson and Neill Blomkamp. However, the previous project was put on hold due to the lack of funding.

Microsoft Studios may reveal more details on the new movie at E3 2014. The company has already teased that several “Halo” announcements would be made. One of the which may have already been leaked with an insider stating that “Halo 2 Anniversary” would be arriving for the Xbox One later this year. “Halo 5” should most likely show up in some form at the event as well.