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'Halo 5' publisher could be working on another game in 'Halo' franchise

'Halo 4' screen
'Halo 4' screen
Photo courtesy of Microsoft Studios, used with permission

Microsoft could be hiring for another new game in the "Halo" franchise in addition to the tentatively-titled "Halo 5." According to a report from Dual Shockers on May 2, the publisher is seeking a producer, lead producer and senior producer for a project based in the "Halo" universe. The website noted that is very unlikely that the company would be looking for producers for a video game that is currently deep in production.

As a result, it appears likely that the new job postings is for a completely new project that is in the early stages of development. The aforesaid producers will be added to 343 Industries, the development team behind "Halo 5." So it appears that the company may be already planning another major project for the franchise although the fifth numbered entry is still in development.

The listings also suggested that Microsoft may be planning annual releases for the "Halo" brand. The same company is already rumored to be releasing "Halo 2 Anniversary" later this year for the Xbox One while "Halo 5" is expected to come out in 2015. The new project could be released in 2016, which should give the development team two years of production time.

Microsoft has already confirmed that new "Halo" announcements would be made at E3 2014. The company is holding a press conference, which should be 90 minutes long, at the event. Along with the possible update to "Halo 5," "Halo 2" Anniversary" should finally be announced after months of potential leaks. The company could also talk about the television and movie plans.

The representatives of 343 Industries have remained silent since announcing that "Halo 5" was in development at E3 2013. The sequel should be targeting 60 frames per second in addition to the multiplayer dedicated servers support. It will also use cloud computations. You can find a screen featuring the previous release, "Halo 4" for the Xbox 360, from the official "Halo Waypoint" Facebook page with the picture near the top of this article.