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'Halo 5' name, returning multiplayer map and mode potentially leaked

'Halo 4' multiplayer screen
'Halo 4' multiplayer screen
Photo courtesy of Microsoft Studios, used with permission

More details may have been leaked in regards to the tentatively-titled, "Halo 5." According to a report from Dual Shockers on May 8, Microsoft recently revealed a new video showcasing the hardware and software features of the Xbox One. The company may have carelessly disclosed some details on the potential sequel in the process, however.

A user from Reddit was able to take a screen capture of a menu mentioning that someone is currently playing "Halo 5." Although Microsoft has not yet officially confirmed the official name of the upcoming video game, several other leaks in the past has stated that it would indeed be treated as a numbered sequel. The story of the upcoming project should take place after the plot points that occurred in "Halo 4." A screen showing the fourth numbered installment from the "Halo Waypoint" Facebook page can be seen with the image near the top of this article.

The same screen capture may have also revealed some of the multiplayer elements being planned for "Halo 5." The Infinite Slayer multiplayer match and Haven map could be returning from "Halo 4." The match type offers a somewhat unique take on the traditional death match battles as players can earn points in order to summon the Ordnance, which drops various weapons and other items.

"Halo 5" was initially announced approximately a year ago at E3 2013. Although details have been scarce so far, the upcoming title will be offering 60 frames per second gameplay and would use cloud computations in some form. The aforementioned multiplayer mode should be backed by dedicated servers as well.

A few recent reports mentioned that "Halo 5" is scheduled for a 2015 launch. To fill the gap, Microsoft should reveal "Halo 2 Anniversary" at E3 2014, which is taking place on June 10 although the publisher's press conference is scheduled a day earlier on June 9. The remastered port could come with a multiplayer beta code for "Halo 5" when it is due to come out later in 2014.