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'Halo 5' name, multiplayer leaks and E3 2014 reveals clarified by 343 Industries

'Halo 4' screenshot
'Halo 4' screenshot
Photo courtesy of Microsoft Studios, used with permission

An administrator from 343 Industries has responded to a potential leak in regards to the tentatively-titled, "Halo 5." According to a report from Gaming Bolt on May 11, the representative confirmed that the screen capture taken from the Xbox One Design Show video composes of placeholder contents. As a result, the image did not necessary represent the upcoming software product.

The aforesaid video showed a profile of a player that was playing "Halo 5" although an official name has not yet been confirmed by Microsoft Studios. The potential leak also mentioned that the Infinity Slayer match type and Haven map from the game's multiplayer mode will be brought back from "Halo 4." 343 Industries quickly shot down the potential leaks, however.

Aside from the denial, the company also confirmed that a new "Halo" video game will be coming out later this year with more details to be announced at E3 2014. Several insiders are confident that "Halo 2 Anniversary," a remake of the Xbox game that was released a decade ago, is heading to the Xbox One in 2014. A code containing the multiplayer beta for "Halo 5" could also be included along with the software product.

Microsoft Studios recently confirmed that a 90-minute press conference will be held on June 9. Along with the "Halo" franchise, the console manufacturer is also expected to provide another look at "Fable Legends," "Quantum Break," "Sunset Overdrive" as well as other exclusive games and multiplatform titles. With the Xbox One falling behind the PS4, Microsoft Studios need to make a big splash at E3 2014 in order to drive sales.

"Halo 5" should help sell plenty of systems. A few industry insiders, as well as the voice actor of Master Chief, stated that the newest mainline installment of the first-person shooting series won't be shipping until 2015. A multiplayer screen from the previous release, "Halo 4" on Xbox 360, from the official Facebook site can be seen near the top of this article.