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'Halo 5: Guardians': Breaking down the story from the E3 2014 presentation

A teaser for “Halo 5: Guardians” was shown during Microsoft’s E3 2014 press conference that, combined with later announcements, help begin to put together the pieces of the upcoming franchise shooter’s story. Let’s assemble those pieces together to assemble what players should expect with “Halo 5.”

The trailer opens with a look at the HD refresh of an iconic scene “Halo 2” as Master Chief guides a bomb through space to a Covenant ship. That was a nice play by Microsoft as it ended up actually being the mystery character from the “Halo 5” cover art. Turns out that his name is Agent Locke, clearly an Oni Agent, and he is speaking with the Arbiter and the Elite home planet of Sanghelios.

Agent Locke is the star of the “Halo: Nightfall” live-action series being produced by Ridley Scott. The feature will star Mike Colter from “The Good Wife” as the mysterious Oni agent and lead into the events of “Halo 5: Guardians.” The series is currently being filmed in Ireland and will be included in the “Halo: Master Chief Collection” when it releases on Nov. 11.

The Arbiter helps set the story for “Halo 5” by giving Agent Locke a history lesson and look into Master Chief. He says he does it not because he trusts the mystery character but because Chief is needed to save everyone. A window then opens to confirm that the setting in the key art for the game is indeed Sanghelios.

343 Industries General Manager Bonnie Ross then took to Microsoft’s E3 stage to further break down the story of the next level. She explained that Master Chief became disillusioned after the end of “Halo 4” and his essentially gone off to find out more about his past and find himself.

In a way, it mirrors the “Kilo 5” trilogy of “Halo” novels that dealt with the history of the Spartan II program and Dr. Catherine Halsey’s role. It’s extremely likely the good / bad doctor will likely play a critical role in “Halo 5” which will be interesting given how her story concluded in the prior games’ “Spartan Ops” storyline.

Based on what is known so far, “Halo 5: Guardians” will feature Agent Locke on a quest to find a disillusioned Master Chief whose now trying to walk his own path after losing his closest companion. Locke undertakes the hunt for Chief either at the request of the Arbiter or he approaches the Elite leader for help. The Master Chief is needed to help save the galaxy once again from an unknown threat that is big enough to have the Arbiter willing to work closely with the human.

This leads to a strong question of how the campaign gameplay in “Halo 5: Guardians” will be handled. Will players switch between Master Chief and Agent Locke like they did between Chief and the Arbiter in “Halo 2”? Or, will something or someone else come into play?

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