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'Halo 5' gameplay, untitled PS4 exclusive graphics and more discussed

'Tom Clancy's The Division' screen
'Tom Clancy's The Division' screen
Photo courtesy of Ubisoft, used with permission

Ahsan Rasheed has provided some new details in regards to several upcoming next-generation video games. According to a report from Dual Shockers on May 5, the industry insider revealed that one of the western development team from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios is working on a video game influenced by the eastern region of the world. The mysterious PS4 exclusive apparently includes "heavy action" along with "killer graphics."

In fact, he revealed that the graphics are even better than the visuals built from the Snowdrop graphic engine that was used for the upcoming multiplatform video game, "Tom Clancy's The Division." The third-person shooter from Ubisoft features massively multiplayer online elements. The PC, PS4 and Xbox One new intellectual property was announced at E3 2013 and is currently slated to come out later this year. A screen from "Tom Clancy's The Division" from the official Facebook page of the product can be found near the top of this article.

Ahsan Rasheed also revealed some information on the tentatively-titled, "Halo 5." He describes the project as "very ambitious" adding that the sequel may feature some kind of open-world elements. A Japanese role-playing game is also apparently in development for the Xbox One although the insider did not reveal any more details on the project.

All of the aforesaid next-generation video games could be shown off at next month's Electronic Entertainment Expo. The biggest publishers and developers from around the world will be gathering in Los Angeles for a three day event that begins on June 10. Sony Computer Entertainment, Microsoft Studios, Ubisoft and others are expected to hold press conferences that will be live-streamed.

The aforementioned "Halo 5" is being developed by 343 Industries exclusively for the Xbox One. The potential sequel is expected to come out in 2015 in North America. However, fans may be able to get a taste of the video game as a multiplayer beta invite is rumored to be bundled with "Halo 2 Anniversary," which could be launching this year.