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‘Halo 5’ E3 trailer graphics, multiplayer and more discussed by Microsoft

‘Halo 5’ E3 trailer
‘Halo 5’ E3 trailer
Microsoft Studios

Phil Spencer has further commented on tentatively-titled “Halo 5,” one of the upcoming exclusive games for the Xbox One. According to a report from Total Xbox on March 1, the corporate vice president at Microsoft Studios was asked by a fan about the graphics engine of the first-person shooter.

Phil Spencer responded by saying that the debut trailer for the next installment of the “Halo” series that was shown at last year’s E3 was just a concept built around the journey of Master Chief. You can find some screens from the “Halo 5” video in the slideshow located to the left side of this article and his comment below:

Last year’s halo piece was a concept around MC’s journey.

Another fan wanted to know if the in-game graphics of the sequel looks better than the computer-generated trailer. Phil Spencer replied by first stating that he might get in trouble for talking about the subject. However, he also mentioned that the employees of 343 Industries are making “great progress” in development with multiplayer being a “big focus.” You can find his response below:

All I can say is 343i is making great progress with MP a big focus right now.

343 Industries developed “Halo 4” before going on to work on “Halo 5.” Many fans were disappointed with the multiplayer mode from the fourth numbered installment of the series. It seems like the development team is putting more emphasis on the online aspects this time around.

Phil Spencer previously hinted that more “Halo” details will be announced at E3 2014, which will take place in June.

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